Xpress browser that boosts web browsing on Nokia Lumia

Originally developed for entry-level phones like Nokia Asha, Nokia has decided to extend the use of browser to the Lumia models.

Faster Internet browsing, less data in transition economies given on the package or use less battery … This is a real Christmas before the time that Nokia offers its users!

The browser Xpress firm makes it all happen, and all of a sudden! Instead of using a simple request by channeling the raw data, it sends requests to servers that deal with Nokia compress for broadcast on terminals.nokia xpress browser lumiaResult: data compression can reach 85% (depending on the manufacturer) and remittances, less heavy, take place more quickly.

Developed for entry-level phones brand, it is now the turn of the Nokia Lumia enjoy his contributions.

The beta software can be downloaded from the Nokia Labs. And perhaps soon, the Windows Marketplace.

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